Electrostatic Precipitator ESP Air Purifier Replacement Filter

Technical Data

Product Name Electrostatic Precipitator Filter Application Used in Model ADA981/ADA982
Model No. ADA982-ESP Type Electrostatic Precipitator Filter

Weight (kgs)

2.14 kgs Product

Weight (lbs)

4.72 lbs
Product Size(mm) 300*160*140 mm Product Size(inch) 11.8 x 6.30 x 5.5 inches
Brand airdow/ OEM Color Metal
Housing Metal Replacement When it’s dark
Layers N/A Filtrations High Voltage
Efficiency Rate 99% Functions Washable, Reusable

Product Features

★  Swden Technology Electrostatic Precipitator

★  No Ozone Released.

★  Washable Filter.

Product Detail

>> The ADA981 air purifier ESP filter is of patented and innovative Electrostatic Precipitator (ESP) technology from Sweden, which enables a filtration efficiency of more than 99% which defeats traditional ESP with only 80% efficiency.

>> The ADA981 air purifier ESP filter help reduce the risk of infection of Flu, reduce microbes in the air and reduce risk of infection.

>> No ozone released is one of the advantages of the Swedish ESP technology which ensures your safe and delightful home environment.

>> The benefits of this ESP filter is it can be washed and no need of consumption. ESP filter needs no replacement which comtributes for cost saving and eco-friendly. Just be washed, re-used again.

>> ADA981-ESP Electrostatic Precipitator filters designed for airdow air purifier model ADA981 and ADA982.

How to Maintain

1.Don't need too much maintenance but regular cleaning. The clearance interval depends on the working environment. Usually once cleaning every five weeks for the family and every less than five weeks for the office.

2. Sometimes we can hear "clapping" during the machine's usage. It's caused due to large dust particles attracted by ESP cell and won't bring any danger. But if electric sparkles occur every one or two minutes, please do the cleaning.

3. Don't wash the machine with organic solvent.

4. Cleaning by the following:

Cleaning by the following:

Step 1: Switch off the machine, remove the plug, open the back cover to take out prefilter and get ESP out by turning the fixing button. Do vacuum or water cleaning.

Step 2: Put ESP and prefilter into the solution of strong detergent without causticity.

Step 3: Wash the machine with water after several hours' dipping in detergent. Don't wipe the dust in a physical way or it will cause damage to ESP.

Step 4: Refill ESP into the machine after its thorough dry (24 hours' airing at best), or it will cause seriously wrong use.


Box  Size (mm) 305*165*150mm
CTN Size (mm) L670*W620*H320mm
G.W./CTN (KGS) 40
Qty./CTN (SETS) 24
Qty./20'FT (SETS) 2688
Qty./40'FT (SETS) 5712
Qty./40'HQ (SETS) 6528
MOQ (SETS) 500
Lead Time 20~40 days

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