Air Purifier with Ionizer Healthcare Product Mini Portable for Gift Promotion

Technical Data

Product Name Ionizer Car Air Purifier Rated Power(W) 0.7w
Model No. ADA729U Rated Voltage(V) DC 5V
Product Weight (kgs) 0.15 Effective area(m2) ≤3m2
Product Size(mm) 95*56*42 Negative Ions >10 millions ions
Brand airdow/ OEM Noise Level(dB) ≤26
Color Black;White; Pink; Blue; Green; Red; Yellow; Orange; Purple Filtrations Negative Ion; Nano Cold Catalyst
Housing Plastic Functions Catalyst Oxidation
Type Vehicle; Portable Air Quality Display N/A
Application Car;Vehicle;Portable;Home;Office Control Type Power On/Off

Product Features

★ Simply Plug in ★ USB Interface. ★ Unique Style. ★ Colorful Color Optional. ★ Ionzier and Cold Catalyst Oxidation

Product Detail

ADA729U Ionizer car air purifier would be used in baby rooms, bedrooms, living rooms and of course in cars, office and Other Spaces/Rooms. ADA729U Ionizer car air purifier could help reduce dust, smog, smoke, pet dander to keep the air around you fresh and clean. There is no fan motor inside ADA729U ionizer air purifier and no need to worry about the noise. The rated voltage of ADA729U is as low as 0.7w. ADA729U ionizer air purifier is low noise and low consumption. It is easy to install, simply plug into the socket and could work, no more steps to control. After sale, no need for maintenance, no need to replace the filters.

What to highlights

★Wireless and Easy Operation: Just plug directly into the USB socket in the car, no disturb of the cables ★Discharge Negative Ion: Absord second-hand smoke, odors, clean airbone dust, eliminate bacteria,germs,viruses. ★Make the air in the car naturally fresh as if you were in the forest ★Helps dispel fatigue, make driving more comfortable and energetic ★Nano Cold Catalyst: Play a catalytic role in normal temperature environment. It can effectively break down the harmful gas under chemical adsorption. It can Deodorize smoke, pet smells, mold, food, and other everyday odors. It can effectively removes airborne pollutants such as dust, pollen, allergens, bacteria, viruses, and atmospheric particulate matter (PM2.5) commonly found in the air while driving. It generates up to 10 million negative ion concentrations to achieve higher output and air purification efficiency. Purify the air in your vehicle cabin for your travel and daily commute! ★One Step Installation: Plug the ionzer air purifier into the DC5V outlet and let it run silently to purify your vehicle cabin. Furthermore, the ionizer does not require any filter changes or maintenance! No extra costs in the future! ★Colorful Design: The ionizer air purifier is designed into colorful colors, ,which is unique and outstanding among other models. The plug in ionizer could be macaron series color and morandi series color, and any other other color you want it to be. Colorful Design cheer up your daily life. The shape can be imaged as fish, airplane, spaceship, ultraman, facemask. Open your imagination, it can be anything like.

How to Use

Step 1: Unpack the ionizer air purifier, take it out Step 2: Plug into the USB socket Step 3: It works(make sure that the socket is power on)

Where to Use

ADA729U air purifier is portable and could be used in home, on the desk, in the cabinet, in the car, in the office No matter you drive, you work, you rest or you play, it could bring you the fresh air time to time.


Box  Size (mm) 123.8*73.7*54mm
CTN Size (mm) 533*262.6*423mm
G.W./CTN (KGS) 13
Qty./CTN (SETS) 98
Qty./20'FT (SETS) 43120
Qty./40'FT (SETS) 86240
Qty./40'HQ (SETS) 103488
MOQ (SETS) 1000
Lead Time 25~ 45 days

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