R&D Team

Appearance Designers

Structure Molded Designers


China Herbal Researchers

Manufacturing Echnique Person

R&D Designers

Philosophy: Innovating much competitive and popular updated products.
Every year we input 5%-20% of turnover to open up the new products with 20 types of competitive new ones, aimed at satisfying the whole latest demands to the consumers in the world. At this point, we work closely with clients to catch the market new demands and prompt the new products before our competitors. Meanwhile, we run after the exquisite and much attractive appearance that our more contrivable products in the world is unique; Otherwise, we have our own patents and have Customs record to protect our client’s benefit. Therefore, many of our customers are satisfying our development and innovation.

Personnel scheme: We own 3 appearance designers, 6 structure molded designers, 4 engineers, 3 China Herbal researchers, 5 manufacturing technique person, and totally there are 21 R&D designers. Our R&D skill person is all with much more experience, some of them are national level expert.