ESP Air Purifier Washable Filter Permenant Use AHAM Certified

Technical Data

Product  Weight (kgs) 5.60
Product Size (mm) 230*290*430
Brand airdow/ OEM
Color Black;White
Housing ABS
Type Desktop
Application Home;Office;Living Room;Bedroom;School;Hospital
Rated Power (W) 25
Rated  Voltage (V) DC 15V
Effective  area (m2) ≤30m2
Air flow (m3/h) 250
CADR (m3/h) 200
Noise  Level (dB) ≤55

Product Features

★  The inspiration of design comes from the most comtempopary building Bujr Al Arab. ★  The smart usage of six small CPU fans leads to extremely low noise, balanced aeration and high airflow. ★  Automatic and manual operation:In Auto mode, the sensor can detect air quality and adjust air flow speed automatically. ★  Digital backlit LED display, accurately indicating PM2.5 with visible color change (red, yellow, green), indicating the air quality level detected by particle sensor technology. ★ Indicating PM2.5, temperature, humidity and Negative Ion concn. The only air purifier on the market today completely indicating air quality. ★  Filters Replacement Indication: Uses a 90 days countdown timer to let you know when the filters need to be changed. ★  3 Timer Setting: 2h, 4h, 8h; 4 Speeds: Sleep, L, M, H

Product Detail

ADA982 is the upgrade version of ADA981 with more smart functions like PM2.5 display, air quality indicator, adjusting the fan speed according to the air quality automatically. With patented and innovative Electrostatic Precipitator (ESP) technology from Sweden, ADA981 enables a filtration efficiency of more than 99% which defeats traditional ESP with only 80% efficiency. It help reduce the risk of infection of swine flu, reduce microbes in the air and reduce risk of infection. ·No ozone released is one of the advantages of the Swedish ESP technology which ensures your safe and delightful home environment. ·With amazingly high CADR of 180, this air purfiier wins the highest performance cost ratio on the market. ·Washable ESP filter needs no replacement which comtributes for cost saving and eco-friendly. ·The smart usage of six small CPU fans leads to extremely low noise, balanced aeration and high airflow. ·The unit is powered by an adapter of DC 15V, which is for energy saving and flexible use in every country. ·Operation buttons with speed and timer setting at the top of unit is user-friendly. ·ADA's traditional automatic shut-off function provides a safe operation even by children.

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Packing& Delivery

Box  Size (mm) 590*530*380
CTN SIZE (mm) 590*530*380
G.W./CTN (KGS) 14.2
Qty./CTN (SETS) 2
Qty./20'FT (SETS) 480
Qty./40'FT (SETS) 960
Qty./40'HQ (SETS) 960
MOQ 1000