Neglected Indoor Air Pollution


Every year with the arrival of the autumn and winter seasons, the smog is showing signs of aggravation, the particulate pollutants will also increase, and the air pollution index will rise again. The one who suffers from rhinitis has to fight with dust every now and then in this season.

As we all know, air pollution has great harm to health, and it is easy to induce sub-health reactions, such as dizziness, chest tightness, fatigue, mood ups and downs, etc., which are serious and even life-threatening.  In order to protect themselves from air pollution, many people choose to buy masks or simply reduce the frequency of going out. But can these measures really reduce the harm of air pollution?

I’m afraid not.

When many people mention air pollution, they will automatically default that the pollution occurs outdoors, but in fact, indoor air pollution is also the hardest hit area. For example, within 15 years after decoration, formaldehyde will continue release indoors and cause various levels of damage. In a newly decorated house, it is very easy to have formaldehyde exceeding the Chinese standard (meaning that the formaldehyde concentration is greater than 0.08mg/m3), which would cause vomiting and even pulmonary edema. When the formaldehyde concentration is lower than 0.06mg/m3, which is difficult for the human body to smell and perceive, and it will induce children’s asthma unconsciously and over time.

Besides formaldehyde, indoor also provides a warm environment for the growth and spread of bacteria and viruses. In the autumn and winter flu season, once the bacteria are brought into the house, they will breed and spread wantonly in the warm room, and eventually the whole family will not be spared and infected.

It is worth mentioning that the reason why indoor air pollution is very harmful also has psychological reasons. That is, we will consciously take protective measures when outdoors. But when you return home, your awareness will be weaken down, allowing indoor air pollution to take advantage. It can be seen how important it is to have a good indoor air environment.

To be continued…


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