UV Sterilizer Air Purifier Tower Shape Eliminates Virus Bacteria PM2.5

Technical Data

Product  Weight (kgs) 3.50
Product Size (mm) Φ214*680
Brand airdow/ OEM
Color Black;White;Silver
Housing ABS
Type Desktop
Application Home;Office;Living Room;Bedroom
Rated Power (W) 14
Rated  Voltage (V) DC 12V
Effective  area (m2) ≤20m2
Air flow (m3/h) 100
CADR (m3/h) 80
Noise  Level (dB) ≤50

Product Features

★ Two sensor inside make it self monitoring of the pollution degree and auto-adjust the purifying speed ★ Safety guaranteed, free from any marketing troubles: self power switch off when the product is disassembled ★  LED display,remote control, speed setting and time setting ★  Unique air circulation system makes the real air purification ★  High CADR rate reaching 200m3/h

Product Details

The obsolutely exceptional design for air purifier is regarded as an art which purifies the air quietly and efficiently. With fine looking and compact but unobstructed structure, all the most advanced air purification technologies are applied. The tailor-made centrifugal fan brings quiet breeze of purified air . Two air outlets provide more airflow in a balanced way to the whole space. ADA's traditional automatic shut-off function provides a safe operation even by children. The powerful five-stage filtration technology and the additional fragrance dispenser create a purified and pleasant home environment.

Functional Options

HEPA Filter

Activated Carbon Filter

Plasma Filter

TiO2 Filter

UV Lamp

Negative Ions


3 Timer Setting (2h,4h,8h)

3 Speed










Purification Illustration Stage 1: HEPA Filter to retain dust,pollen and particles. Stage 2: Activated Carbon Filter to absorb smells. Stage 3: Plasma Filter to reduce mould spores, viruses and bacteria. Stage 4: TiO2 Filter and UV Light to decompose and kill viruses and bacteria. Stage 5: Negative Ions to fresh the air by bonding molecules which are positively-charged. Stage 6: Fragrance Dispenser to spread your favorite fragrance into the air. Color Option Champagne Metallic,White Metallic, Black Metallic, Gray Metallic Details

Packing& Delivery

Box  Size (mm) 734*284*244
CTN SIZE (mm) 751*505*301
G.W./CTN (KGS) 12.5
Qty./CTN (SETS) 2
Qty./20'FT (SETS) 480
Qty./40'FT (SETS) 966
Qty./40'HQ (SETS) 1104
MOQ 1000

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